Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations is an innovative two-person paranormal investigation team that was founded in 2015 in Houston, Texas. We are not your average “Ghost Hunters” as we try to employ new technology and scientific reasoning during investigations, taking into account potential non-paranormal explanations for occurrences. We have been to various types of sites including; residential, some well known and not so well known abandoned locations, and an assortment of graveyards and battlefields.



As a team two of our main goals are to aid in the perception of the paranormal and help others substantiate their experiences. As well, we strive to provide high-quality service by being available around the clock; responding quickly to any inquiry. Thank you for taking the time to step out of what might be your comfort zone and ask only that you view our endeavors with an open mind.


August 2018

We apologize but due to the volume of incoming requests, we are currently not taking any new clients. 

The NPI website is getting some much needed TLC again. Please check back frequently to see the new changes in equipment, and evidence.

June 2018

NPI is heading back to Hallettsville, TX for another 48 hr investigation. 

May 2018

Dakota and Trish's interview with Oddly Inquisitive is now live; Part 1, Part 2. Please be advised this recording contains adult content and language may not be suitable for all ages.



March 2018

Dakota and Trish are going to be representing NPI during an interview on the Oddly Inquisitive Podcast. Stay tuned.



February 2018

We have recently started working in conjunction with Baytown Coven to offer various cleansing options.   


 Houston,Texas, United States

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At no time have any of our team members worked for GhostStop however, we utilize a great deal of their products and are in an affiliate program with them.