Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations offer paranormal investigations of both residential and commercial properties. As well, we are working in conjunction with Baytown Coven to provide various cleansing options.



The Nightwalker Paranormal Investigation crew will enter the property and will utilize various techniques and equipment in an attempt to document activity. Methods may include but are not limited to; Automatic Writing, Electro Magnetic Field Readings, Electronic Voice Phenomena Session,  Flashlight Session, Full Spectrum Video/Photography, Inferred Video/Photography, Rune Reading, Scrying, Spirit Box Sessions, and  Structured Light Sensing.​​



The Nightwalker Paranormal Investigation crew and Baytown Coven may pull from numerous belief systems to conduct a cleansing, including but not limited to; Native American, Christianity, and Wiccan.

 Houston,Texas, United States

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At no time have any of our team members worked for GhostStop however, we utilize a great deal of their products and are in an affiliate program with them.