The Price of a Paranormal Investigation

January 5, 2018



Happy Friday Everyone!  Read through to the end of this blog post to see an interesting video of 10 REAL Ghost Stories Of 2017. The footage is not our own but I feel you all may enjoy it; some are interesting, some seem fake, but it's entertaining nonetheless.  




So, I want to touch on something that I find very troubling.  When we are contacted for help, the first question that is generally asked is, “I really need help, but how much do you guys charge for your service?”  The answer has been and always will be a resounding NOTHING.  Here at Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations, we believe that no credible paranormal team or anyone in the field of the paranormal should ever charge for their help.  We have been told by clients that they were quoted nearly $100 for a cleansing of their home.  This is absurd and outlandish for many reasons the main one being that someone is reaching out for help, how could anyone have the nerve to profit from the peace of mind of someone else?  As well,  no-one I REPEAT NO-ONE can “guarantee” that a cleansing of a home or person will work.  It may help (or work) but it very well might make things worse.  I have performed quite a few cleansing to great results where the activity completely ceased.  The fact of the matter is that there is no guarantee that ANY form of cleansing ritual will get rid of all paranormal activity.  


I will say this so I don’t sound like some form of a hypocrite;  although we do not, nor will we ever charge for our service, we have recently added a donation link to our main page. The reasoning behind our donation link is very simple.  We service all of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and honestly wherever else we are needed; and as you can imagine that much traveling can be expensive. The income we receive from donations also helps in the purchasing of new gear (GhostStop - shameless plug), and for paying the costs of the investigation of closed historic sites, etc.  Every cent donated goes towards NPI and NPI alone.


Well, now that all of that is covered, have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone, enjoy the video of 10 REAL Ghost Stories Of 2017.




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