Do you call yourself an expert?

May 22, 2017

I received a call this weekend asking for some advice, and the question got brought up of whether or not I considered myself an “expert.” Over the years I have emphasized this many times, and you will learn in time that I am a very opinionated person (maybe to a fault,) but I strongly believe that there are no such things as “experts” in our field. Now I am 100% aware that this statement may upset many people, but this is just one man’s opinion. There are those out there that have been doing this for 70+ years, true pioneers of the paranormal such as Lorraine Warren, which may come to mind as experts of field. She may consider herself an expert or she may not, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her. She has been on countless investigations, come face to face with every type of entity imaginable (and probably some that you wouldn’t even want to consider exist) and done pretty much everything our field has to offer at this point. Does that make her an expert? Close. About as close to an expert as you can come, but I truly believe that there is not a single expert in the paranormal. You have your paranormal teams with HUGE budgets and television deals allowing them the ability to access just about every piece of new technology available. Does that make them experts? Of course not. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking bad or speaking ill about any team out there whatsoever, I just don’t believe that having a large amount of social media followers or having a large sum of money makes you a paranormal expert. None of us will truly know the answer until there is a significant advancement in science or until our time on this earth comes to an end. It will ultimately be at that exact moment that we finally find the answers to the questions that we have been searching for for centuries.

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