Shadow People

September 27, 2017

Happy Monday everyone.  So we have been getting a lot of emails asking for help because people are seeing shadow people or black masses in their homes.  Although this can be, and usually is, a terrifying experience, I want you all to know that the biggest fear should simply be because you were not expecting it.  I strongly believe that the biggest fear out there is the fear of the unknown.  Just because it is a shadow figure or some form of black mass does not necessarily make it evil or demonic.  In our field we rarely come across demonic activity.  Personally, in my 15 plus years of investigating I can count on one hand the cases that truly turned out to be demonic in nature.  There are theories out there that all shadow figures are evil, but I don’t believe this to be the case.  What we do is still considered a pseudoscience, that’s why we try our hardest to get concrete evidence during our investigations. 


We were recently asked to do an investigation, only without any type of video equipment.  We kindly explained that privacy is of the utmost importance during a private investigation and we would never release any names or locations, but if you want us to help we need to use all of our equipment.  Although EVPs are a good form of evidence, we strive to get visual proof to validate all of the personal experiences that have been encountered. 


Sorry, that turned into more of a public service announcement or disclaimer of what we need if you contact us.  Back to the subject at hand…shadow people do not correspond to any of the laws of physics.  A lot of witnesses talk about misplaced objects, broken glass, and even experiencing physical pain or bruising when being touched.  Although personally I believe that these events could be caused by these entities, unfortunately science just hasn’t caught up yet.  That’s what we are striving to accomplish.   

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