1. Contact us. A team member will ask you a series of questions and have you fill out a questioner to decide if an investigation is even needed. If we decide that an investigation does, in fact, need to take place, all of the documents required will be given to the client, signed, and returned to Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations.


2. Once an investigation is warranted and the client returns the required documentation, a walkthrough of the location will be performed. This procedure is done to rule out any natural occurrences that could lead to false readings. We also use this time to get used to the location, scout out camera locations, perform baseline readings, and get to know the client better. We DO NOT ask the client any locations of paranormal activity on the property. We do not want to go into an investigation with any preconceived notions.


3. Nightwalker adheres to a strict Alcohol / Drug / Tobacco policy. There will be absolutely no drinking, smoking, or drug use. The body is the number one investigation tool, therefore any substance that alters your physical state is strictly prohibited. Cigarette smoke is the number one cause of false evidence in photographs.


4. Although we will joke around with each other, Nightwalker will never disrespect a location in any fashion. Horseplay is strictly prohibited.



5. We are not affiliated with any religious groups, that being said we will attempt to help in any way we can should that situation arise. Dakota, being of Native American decent, would be more than willing to perform a “cleansing” of the property at the owner’s request. This is a ritual that he has performed on numerous occasions with good results, but we CAN NOT guarantee that this will eliminate all activity.




6. The client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us at Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations. Home addresses and exterior photos of the home will never be published. First and last names will be changed to protect the identity of the client unless requested otherwise.




7. If an investigation is warranted, we ask the following of the client:

  • A clean residence – messy homes are a safety hazard due to amount of equipment we bring to an investigation

  • Remove or hide valuables – Please let me stress that we are not thieves, but we are not to be held responsible should something go missing.

  • If the client insists on being present during an investigation, we request that it only be one person. We normally invite you to join us for the first hour or two to see exactly what we are going to be doing. After that, we request that you have somewhere to stay for the remainder of the night to keep personnel at the location to a minimum (in smaller homes we even go in one at a time.) This prevents contamination of evidence via multiple people walking/talking throughout the location. (Also, theories suggest that more activity occurs with fewer occupants.)

  • All clients will sign multiple waivers before the investigation, but we must state that we are not responsible for any items damaged during the investigation – Don’t worry we are extremely respectful of your property and treat it as if it were ours.

  • Be considerate – Allow us time to plan for the investigation, unfortunately, we can’t drop what we are doing at the drop of a hat. JT is a paramedic in Austin as well as a full-time student. Living in different cities, we have to coordinate with the client and each other to schedule a time that works for everybody. On a side note, please don’t expect to get any findings within 3 weeks. We have to sort through hundreds of hours of audio and video which takes time….while working full-time jobs. We will certainly keep you updated, but please be patient.

  • Please note that investigations usually take place from dusk until dawn (8-12 hours) so please plan accordingly.


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At no time have any of our team members worked for GhostStop however, we utilize a great deal of their products and are in an affiliate program with them.